Weld-Action offers a wide variety of custom-built electric resistance welding equipment to meet any of your spot or seam-welding needs.

From multispot and wireframe welders, and portable gun units and robotic systems, we incorporate the most efficient and effective resistance welding equipment for your operations.

Our resistance welding equipment includes:

Resistance Brazing
Electric Resistance Welding Brazing

Pedestal Spot & Projection

  • AC
  • DC
  • MFDC

Consumables and Parts

  • Electrodes
  • Shunts and cables
  • Adaptors and holders
  • Cylinders

Welding Guns

  • Servo or pneumatic spot C and X
  • Fixture type
  • Portable


  • Fixture
  • Machine
  • Portable gun
  • MFDC
  • DC

Automatic Feeders

  • Nut
  • Bolt
  • Parts

Welding Monitors

  • Current monitors
  • Portable
  • Machine-mounted
  • Pressure Gauges

Welding Guns

  • Servo or pneumatic spot C and X
  • Fixture type
  • Portable

Seam Welders

  • Transverse
  • Longitudinal

Specialty Welders

We also offer a selection of specialty braze welders for copper-to-copper braze joint applications. All models are built to your specifications and are designed for easy operation, great flexibility, and simple set up.Resistance braze welders typically reduce standard oxygen-fueled braze time by as much as a half, and use portable and lightweight pneumatic or plier-type tong units.

Welder models include:

  • Wall braze welder
  • Cart braze welder
  • Hand-operated braze welder
  • Air-operated braze welder
  • Pedestal frame braze welder
  • Table-mounted braze welder