Weld-Action helps you integrate custom designed and built automatic and semi-automatic robotic arc and resistance welding cells into your process.

Cells contain all needed components to provide a dynamic, turnkey solution that is ready to work for you. Incorporating a weld cell into your production can offer numerous benefits including improved productivity and throughput, reduced labor and material costs, improved employee health and safety, and continuous process improvement through monitoring.

Whether you’re a first-time robotic welding user, or are adding new assets to your shop floor, our team will help you design the best welding cell option for your operation. We ensure your weld cell is adaptable, so it meets the needs of the current job, as well as the needs of any job that may come through the door. All variables are considered, from the weld cell’s footprint in your shop to how the equipment is arranged.

Robotic Welding Cells
Welding Cells

Robotic welding cells are made up of three components:

  • Robot: Includes the controller and the teach pendant. The typical cell includes one or two 6-axis robots.
  • Welder: Includes the MIG feeder, power supply, and torch.
  • Power Source: Can also be used for non-robotic automation.

Other equipment includes protective fencing, customized work-holding fixtures, and main Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) cabinet.

Automation Systems

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from automation. We have access to a family of pre-engineered solutions integrating Panasonic robots, servo positioners and Miller welding technology to solve your fabrication challenges.