Robotic welding allows manufacturers to enjoy higher product yields and throughput while saving money on labor and inventory.

With the right training, anyone can learn to easily program a robot to perform precise, consistent welds time and time again, reducing waste and production time. Weld-Action has installed hundreds of robots into work cells, resulting in increased production and lower costs for all of our customers. We specialize in six-axis, servo-driven robots that have a repeatability of eight one-thousandths of an inch. Robot controls also control safety, peripheral equipment, power, positioning equipment, torch cleaning, adaptive control sensing, quality control functions, and weld parameters.

Robotic Welding features include:

  • Multi-purpose programming with positions stored in memory
  • Teach pendant with a point-to-point method
  • MIG, TIG, plasma arc, spot weld processes/equipment
  • Servo or indexing-type positioner
  • Customized work-holding fixtures
  • Safety equipment
  • Common underframe
  • Protective fencing
  • Main Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) cabinet
  • Accessories:
  • Torch cleaning
  • Tip replacement
Robotic Welding